Friday, October 8, 2010

A Flaming Good Time in Alabama.

We just got back from painting flames on a '23 t bucket down in Alabama. The customer lives out in the country and has a nice little shop next to his house. It was one of the totally surreal yet wonderful experiences that make life worth living. And makes the work we do, so very worthwhile. Not every job we do is fun. Unexpected things pop up and you have to deal with it. That is the difference between an artist and a painter who is also an artist. A painter knows how to deal with paint problems. There is no way to have a career in painting, and not have dealt with the unlimited issues that come up.

But working on Paul Reeve's '23 was fun. Paul and his family are wonderful people and it was a pleasure to be around them.

The one problem? The squirrels. It was actually pretty funny, there are all these oak trees above Paul's shop and the squirrels sit up in the high branches and snack on the acorns. But they only take a few bites of each and then throw them away. There was a near constant pinging of the metal roof over the shop as the acorns would fall. You could not work in the driveway without getting nailed by a half eaten nut. We'd call out "incoming!" And then whack, a big acorn would hit. They landed everywhere, in the soda cups, in the paint mix cups, on the car.

But now we are home and getting ready for SEMA. Painting up a few things to display there. I'm looking very forward to working with House of Kolor's new Shimron 2 line of paints. Coast Airbrush Supply has been busy bottling up the new Shimrons and shipping them out to painters. I'll let ya'll know how it goes working with it. They say its the easiest to use custom paint ever. I guess I'll fnd out next week.

And I'm working on a major update to the website. We're launching two new gallery pages, one exclusively for hot rod paint and a page devoted to our Military themed paint jobs. And there will be a big overhall for the Customer Comment page. And new additions to the award and magazine article pages.

And finally the long awaited How To Section of the website will be launched.

I'll be posting here as the website updates are posted on the site. But for now, its Friday afternoon, I have to look over a flame job we finished and get it ready to ship out next week, then I'm working on a drawings for a customer in Idaho.

Tomorrow, I'm doing a photo shoot for American iron magazine featuring a wild, vintage dragbike at the Rockingham Dragway. Then its off to Chester, SC for an overnight campout with my 6 yr old godson. It will be his first Cub Scout campout.

Sunday we let the dogs run and its back to work creating beautiful and durable paint jobs!

Never a dull moment here at Crazy Horse Paint.


  1. I really like your artistic/realistic flames on Paul's T-Bucket and can't wait until you're able to post a pic after it's unmasked. My blog is devoted to T-Bucket hot rods and maybe I could do a post about your work there also. Thanks,

  2. JoAnn....Looking forward to seeing MORE!

  3. Thanks folks! John, I would be very honored to have a post about my work on your blog. So far I have flames 3 t buckets. One of them is a t bucket trike.


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