Friday, November 25, 2011

Adventures in Custom Paint

2011 has been a very intense year for our shop. We got a great deal of paintwork done and out the door. but there was cery little time off. Very few weekends at the lake. One thing we did this year is custom paint Corvettes. We airbrushed real fire on Corvette and airbrushed flag graphics on another. The only thing better than working on Corvettes is working with the people that own them. My Corvette customers are some of the best people I know. But we've got some pretty incredible hot rod paint work lined up for 2012. Some very cool projects. If you have one, chekc our website and give us a call. We'll be happy to discuss your project.

Chekc out website for more pictures on our latest work. Those pictures can be seen in the Hot Rod Callery. I've got many more pictures to post so check back. Thanks for reading Crazy Horse Flame Shop!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We love to Flame Hot Rods

If I had to pick my absolute favorite thing to paint, it would be flames on cars and trucks. It is pure creativity. Even though I always do pre paint drawings for the customer in order to plan out the flames and fine tune them to the customer's desires, once I am airbrushing, the flames decide exactly where they're going to go. I just let the airbrush start working its magic and the flames start to dance across the surface of the car or truck. I just watch it happen. It always intregues me.
This T bucket was a pure example of that idea. Painting these flames for Paul Reeves was a pure joy. Paul's little shop down in Alabama was peaceful yet full of fun. Paul and his family were awesome hosts and their fun attitudes definitely affected my mood when painting these real fire flames.
Jerry Pigg was another customer who pretty much let me loose to create something very powerful. His rose colored street rod needed something to wake up the color. I tried out various kinds of flames and colors in the prepaint drawings and found that traditional hot rod flames gave the car the impact he wanted. He took home a First Place trophy in the first show he entered after the flames were done.
The goal of our custom paint is the make the hot rod, street rod, classic car or truck as impactful as possible. To make people walk across a parking lot to get a better look. And no other factor in a custom car or truck will have the kind of impact that custom paint will.
Is custom paint affordable? It sure is. We work with our customer's budget to try and get the most bang for their hard earned dollars. Give us your budget and we'll see what we can do for that budget. Email us at and see what we can do for your custom project.
We will be adding many more hot rod and street rod photos to the website. Including new photos of Lee Novakoff's '33. Lee has another very interesting project in the works and we look forward to working on it's artwork design.
We have some wicked cool projects coming up in the next few months, including a brutal cool Corvette with Lambo doors. And adding photos of another Corvette that we flamed with real fire. This vette belongs to a fireman.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hell yes, Spring is in the House!

Unless you are skiing your ass off, winter sucks. The cold zaps energy and creativity goes out the window. But the shop was busy and somehow work got done. I kept a good attitude about the cold for the most part but by the end of Jan, I had an insane yearning for warm weather. And my prayers were answered. Winter here in the South is over. No more frost in the morning. No more trying to keep the studio warm. We had some amazing projects we worked on over the last few months. We've been painting quite a few baggers over the last year and the past month was no exception. Painting a bagger is a whole lot different than simply painting a tank and two fenders. Think about it, the surface area of one saddlebag is bigger than the average tank. plus you have the lid. if you are painting murals or artwork, that's three artwork areas. Plus there's the insides of the parts which have to be carefully masked off. Add two saddlebags, two lids, and two sidecovers more than doubles the amount of work than painting just a tank and two fenders. Add a tour pack, tour pack lid, fairing and the amount of work as well as paint, has tripled.
We've become bagger painting experts here at Crazy Horse. So check out some of the paint jobs we did below. There's more to come. I feel renewed thanks to this incredible weather and the work is flowing. We've got some pretty interesting projects coming up, including a very cool Corvette and a very rare 69 Camaro SS RS.
Right now its time to let the dogs out, have a breakfast and then into my sweet little studio. I am digging this weather!!!!

This is a wicked cool paint job for a Marine. Check back as I will be posting pictures of the assembled bike. I can't wait to see this bike together.

This was a wild job. We had 5o hardhats to custom paint in 4 days. Ths shop was crazy. But we got the job done and delivered the project by the deadline.
The flying eye ball grill shell gets flamed. I'll be posting pictures of Bill's T bucket once he sends them to me.