Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We love to Flame Hot Rods

If I had to pick my absolute favorite thing to paint, it would be flames on cars and trucks. It is pure creativity. Even though I always do pre paint drawings for the customer in order to plan out the flames and fine tune them to the customer's desires, once I am airbrushing, the flames decide exactly where they're going to go. I just let the airbrush start working its magic and the flames start to dance across the surface of the car or truck. I just watch it happen. It always intregues me.
This T bucket was a pure example of that idea. Painting these flames for Paul Reeves was a pure joy. Paul's little shop down in Alabama was peaceful yet full of fun. Paul and his family were awesome hosts and their fun attitudes definitely affected my mood when painting these real fire flames.
Jerry Pigg was another customer who pretty much let me loose to create something very powerful. His rose colored street rod needed something to wake up the color. I tried out various kinds of flames and colors in the prepaint drawings and found that traditional hot rod flames gave the car the impact he wanted. He took home a First Place trophy in the first show he entered after the flames were done.
The goal of our custom paint is the make the hot rod, street rod, classic car or truck as impactful as possible. To make people walk across a parking lot to get a better look. And no other factor in a custom car or truck will have the kind of impact that custom paint will.
Is custom paint affordable? It sure is. We work with our customer's budget to try and get the most bang for their hard earned dollars. Give us your budget and we'll see what we can do for that budget. Email us at and see what we can do for your custom project.
We will be adding many more hot rod and street rod photos to the website. Including new photos of Lee Novakoff's '33. Lee has another very interesting project in the works and we look forward to working on it's artwork design.
We have some wicked cool projects coming up in the next few months, including a brutal cool Corvette with Lambo doors. And adding photos of another Corvette that we flamed with real fire. This vette belongs to a fireman.


  1. I love flame's. You all can do so much more now than when I was young.

  2. that is very kool art work


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