Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wow what a year! It went by so fast and so much happened. The SEMA Mustang Project, working with Ford Motor Company, working with PPG, getting to work in the wicked cool Hot Rod Garage at Source Interlink this summer, the amazing projects we did this year, the Musclecar TV show, and of course the wild ride that was this year's SEMA Show. There's lots of new pictures on the website, up to date info on the Facebook page, great advice I'm giving on a really great website with Forums on all things auto paint and body. The Factory Five 33 Hot Rod we painted, seen in the picture above is on tour with the Autorama Shows. Plus we are now the official custom painter for Factory Five Racing. Dave Smith is a great guy and we are excited to be working with him. I have lots of new things coming up and I'll try and post them there as well as on FB and Twitter. 2013 is going to be amazing year.

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  1. What a busy gal! Me 11 grandkids keep me busy in what I THOUGHT was


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