Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back to Reality

I am back from Vegas and its a week since I wrote the first blog entry. I've been updating the website. I do the work myself and it takes time. Mike Lavallee's girlfriend, Nick was constantly working on their website while she was at SEMA. Every time I saw her, she had her face buried in her Ibook. Now I know why. But little by little I will be adding pictures of new work.
And there is alot of it since the site was last updated over 2 years ago. The main task of today is working with Photoshop on drawings. I have 3 drawings to get done. I was going to do them on the plane out to Vegas, but I realized, I really need to use my touch screen monitor to get the best out of these drawings and my Wacum Cintique does not fit in my carry on bag.

And later today, Joe from American Iron Magazine will be arriving here. He's here to check out the new paint shop and stop by the new Crazy Horse Chopper Farm. The Chopper Farm is a full service chopper shop does everything from oil changes, sheet metal fabrication, weld-on hardtails and full on custom bike builds. Go to the Custom Bikes page on my website for more info on the shop and what we offer. The new chopper in the photo is currently for sale $14,000. Email us for more info.
And next week, Joe will be road testing the new Indian Motorcycles for the magazine.

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