Monday, November 16, 2009

We had a great time with Joe Knezevic hanging at the Compound. We went over to the Chopper farm. And Joe liked the low rent hardtail sportsters Jimmy is building. Jim's latest went together for less than $5000. That included the cost of the 1999 1200 donor bike ($1500.)
It was a low key weekend here. And that is pretty easy as we live way out in the country and there ain't shit around here. If you're looking to relax and get away from it all, this is the place. Joe got in Saturday morning and somehow followed the lengthy, obscure directions to the Compound. "Follow the road for a few miles, and after it changes names, take a left turn at the old feed store that burned down last year." As Joe is from the NYC area, he is good at that kind of stuff.
Saturday we toured the Compound and went over to the Farm, then it was into town to check out the take out food. We settled on Mexican and managed to get out of town before the local gestapo arrested us for grand theft habanero sauce and sugar cookies.
We had the best intentions of actually doing something on Sunday. It was a beautiful, sunny warm Carolina day and the sporties called out from their shed. But as Joe had to ride 300 miles on Indians on Monday, he was not motivated to move from his spot on the couch.

This picture? The customers wanted it to look like pink marble with blood running back across it.
The CBA Swap Meet at the metrolina was kickass this year, BUT we did not go as that would have taken far too much effort for men. Ah, I only would have spent $$ I didn't need to spend.
But seriously, it meant alot that Joe enjoyed himself while he was here and this place makes it easy to relax.
What is it about a football game on tv that makes a man sleep? I look up from the computer and both David and Joe were both sleeping away as the Panthers played the Falcons. I think NASCAR races have the same effect.
We finally managed to get out of pajamas and into street clothes and went into Charlotte to watch a Checkers hockey game. We almost didn't get to the game as we first went to the wrong stadium, not knowing that the team had moved to the NBA arena in uptown Charlotte.
The arena looked like it has less than 1000 people in it. Kinda sad. The Checkers won 6 to 4. And David and I were on the "kiss cam." They pan around the arena looking for couples and they show on the jumbotron and you're supposed to kiss. Good thing David wasn't sitting next to Joe. Joe is a funny guy. He had us laughing all weekend with his stories.

And now it is Monday and Joe is off to ride new Indian Motorcycles for next 2 days. He wants to do 500 miles today, but will be happy to make atleast 300. He's wearing the new nylon HD FXWG gear and its cold this morning. They'll probably be heading to the NC mountains, so hopefully the FXWG gear will do its job and keep him warm.
As for me, I'm warm and cozy in my old paint spattered HD sweats. I'm about to hit the studio and start working.
I'll try and post some pictures from SEMA in the next few days.
Oh and Rich Evans, custom car and bike builder from California, will be arriving here today.


  1. thanks for stopping in over at my blog...I love it when I find more gals like you who "do it all!"

    I looked Waxhaw up on the map...your shop is about two and half hours from me...I will start to make plans, visit in the spring...early summer...would be fantastic to meet up with ya...

    Be well,

  2. I guess you must be on the eastern part of TN. It takes me 3-4 hours to get to Robbinsville when I ride the Dragon.
    You are more than welcome to stop on in. I think we know alot of the same people. But I must warn you...there is no fast food places close by, and it takes atleast 20 minutes to get to the nearest Walmart.
    Seriously, you will love the countryside around here. I'll have to take you on the tour of old ready to fall down barns and houses. And it would be great to meet you also.
    But if you are at the Vtwin Expo, I should be there this year.


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