Friday, January 29, 2010

First Place at the Easyriders Show!!!

A crew member here at Crazy Horse has won a First Place at the Easyriders Show here in Charlotte. The Chopper Farm is the bike shop and fabrication facility for Crazy Horse and Jim Bortles is the man behind the incredible bikes that come out of it. Last year, Jim picked up a stock sportster for less than $2000.

He has turned it into a badassed little hardtail bobber and now it is a show winning bike. His little low buck sportster beat out a whole crop of big buck bikes to take home that First Place. Jim's creations can be seen on our Custom Bikes page.

The Chopper Farm offers many services for bikes. From service and repair to customizing stock bikes to full on custom bike builds. And you won't find a btter price on custom work. Call 704-771-6405 to talk with Jim.

And 3 of our bikes, bikes with our paint and Jim's fabrication are featured in the 2010 Karney Law Firm Custom Bike Calendar.

That's it for now, Its almost Febuary and here in the Carolinas that means winter is half over. We have a full schedule of work for Febuary into March in the paint shop. So we'll be putting in some long hours so when the warm weather comes, our customers will be riding.
Check back to the blog for pictures of Jim's evil sporty bobber, the before and after pictures.

Hope ya'll are keeping warm out there.


  1. Very cool stuff! Your work is eye popping, amazing, beautiful...too many words come to mind to describe it.

  2. Well thank you. I try to do the best I can. There's a lot of great custom painters out there who keep the bar set high.


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