Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back From the VTwin Expo

Chris Callen, editor of Cycle Source does the Capt Morgan with Dave Nichols, editor of Easyriders and Vtwin.

Despite the gloom and doom many in the press has been saying about the custom motorcycle industry and the fact that some great companies have closed down, there was this intensity in the air, a purely positive feeling.

Sure the VTwin Expo was smaller this year, but it did fill the main hall of the Duke Energy Convention Center. And I did not see many sad faces, instead people were smiling, talking, working. There were new products, in fact, there were alot of new products. There was this upbeat energy that you could feel.

It did not matter that it was freezing cold outside, we all had a great time. The Kris Krome/Tony Schumacher bike was amazing.

I still have to go though the pictures and then I'll post some and write more about the show. Check back this weekend for the pictures. Right now I gotta have some breakfast and get in the shop. It a sunny day here in the Carolinas.

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  1. Hey bro, I'm a painter too and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I like your work.


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